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"Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions."Chesterton

25 January
It all began far too long ago, smack dab in the middle of the 80's ... according to some, the death of music, with which I heartily disagree. I have lots of annoying tendencies, hopefully balanced by the ability to laugh at most anything, especially myself. Yes, I'm conservative, yes, I'm a traditional Catholic, no, I don't care what you think so don't bother trying to change my opinions. I've thought about them long and hard and people ranting and raving at me only makes me angry. I have a temper which is only matched by my desire to be nice to people when possible. I tend to throw myself into things, and once I get going on a project it's dangerous to try to get me to stop. My dad is German-Dutch, my mother is Filipino (among many other things) and I am proud of my variety of heritage.
aerosmith, alternative, andrew lloyd weber, animals, anne mccaffrey, art, ballads, bass, biking, billie holliday, bon jovi, bonnie raitt, books, border collies, brad paisley, broadway, bunnies, calvin and hobbes, candles, capitalism, carbon leaf, catholicism, celtic music, celtic rock, charlotte bronte, cherish the ladies, chocolate, classical music, colin mochrie, count basie, country, cows, creedence clearwater revival, cynicism, david bowie, def leppard, dorks, dorothy l. sayers, dr. demento, dream theatre, economics, ella fitzgerald, english literature, evelyn waugh, fairy tales, foo fighters, fountains of wayne, g.k. chesterton, goo goo dolls, great big sea, guns n roses, hair dye, harry connick jr., hilaire belloc, hootie and the blowfish, incubus, james ensor, jason mraz, jazz, judith merkle riley, kage baker, keats, labradors, labyrinth, laughter, laurell k. hamilton, led zeppelin, legends, leonard cohen, lyrics, manhattan transfer, marion zimmer bradley, medieval reenactment, mercedes lackey, metal, metallica, middle ages, motown, mr. big, muses, musicals, musicians, mythology, myths, nail polish, natalie imbruglia, necklaces, no doubt, oingo boingo, oldies, painting, pamela dean, paul simon, philip pullman, philosophy, photography, piercings, podunk, poetry, politics, prince, punk, punks, puppies, queen, rain, rap, reading, renaissance, rock, rodgers and hammerstein, sarah brightman, saves the day, saw doctors, sculpture, shakespeare, simon and garfunkel, ska, soundgarden, spin doctors, stalking, storms, sublime, sugar ray, swimming, tamora pierce, tattoos, tea, terry pratchett, the andrews sisters, the ataris, the bangles, the eagles, the eighties, the pixies, the ramones, veggietales, vinyl, w.b. yeats, washington dc, waterhouse, weezer, words, writing