Becsamillion (eccentricartist) wrote,

I ... 52 weeks. Dude.

So LJ tells me it's been 52 weeks since I last posted. Pretty insane to think about, really. I'm just not good with the whole "writing about myself" thing, and when I try to write about something that's not myself I turn it into this whole "I must CRAFT a FINE PIECE OF ART!" and then it never actually makes it onto the intartoobs. Plus a lot of the time I just wonder whether it's even worthwhile for me to join in with spewing useless opinions. Blah blah blah everyone wants to be heard and understood and blah. I can just call sienamystic and blab at her for a while if it's really an issue.

...Plus it's funnier cause we make noises at each other.
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