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Up and ... puttering along

So I haven't posted in dogs' years ... mainly because it seems that even when there are things of interest to mention, I'm too tired to write them in anything approaching a witty fashion.

Just a little over two weeks until I leave for school! Unbelievably exciting, although I'll be on a shoestring budget for the duration. I think I'll be counting on care packages from home - mainly consisting of non-perishable food and the occasional burned cd (hint hint). I can't wait for my last day of work - this past year has definitely been a learning experience, and not always in the best ways. I'm totally burned out at this point, and oddly enough I've been coveting the thought of a brainless retail job where I don't really have to interact with co-workers. Customers have not usually been a problem for me (although the occasional rough case is bound to come up) but this office politics nonsense is just something I don't have in me. The people who know I'm leaving (and who I thought of as my friends) have all suddenly detached, and I'm more than a little bitter. I mean, office friendships aren't really something that necessarily carry over to regular life, but the fact that a woman I thought of as a friend accused me of planning ahead to take a day off without notice and leave everyone in the lurch was just the last straw. Once that happened, I knew I would be better off out of here. For the record (with all of two people reading this, heh, one being me) I had a wicked sore throat and ended up sleeping through Friday in an attempt to avoid dealing with the pain. At one point, I was looking forward to the possibility that I would be getting them removed (unfortunately it would be over a weekend - I REALLY wanted to miss work). I actually had to have my mother call because I could barely talk, and it hurt too much to attempt it in any case.

ah well, I'll be leaving soon enough and there really isn't any reason to brood about these things. I've got a bunch of nex experiences to look forward to: living off campus in my own place, being at a college that's far enough away that weekend trips are not entirely feasible, meeting scads of new people (and new GUYS! Heaven help me, but I'm so stoked about that - I haven't met new people my age since ... almost 2 years ago. Well, I've met the occasional new person at a party, but nothing where I would actually have the chance to get to know someone new.)

So, just trying to get all my stupid old bio stuff done (which isn't too big a deal anymore - not after I got a 95 on my test this morning! woo!) and getting packed up. Now if I can just manage to hang out with Guy I Really Like a little bit more before I leave ...
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