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So things have been kinda rough lately. As in, I've been way down in the dumps for various reasons, and feeling like I can't really accomplish anything. On the negative side:

-bombed a speech for class
-behind on my reading (yeah. a lot.)
-took a nap on my break and ended up making a coworker late for an appointment (granted, it was to have satellite radio installed in his car, during office hours, but still.)
-having a lot of trouble trying to get a PLACE TO LIVE in Ohio for next semester
-Fat. Nuff said.

For the positives:
-got hit on by a guy I knew in high school. Hey, he's pretty cute. And he gave me his number.
-things are looking good for a second job on the weekends, which will seriously help next year when I'll be lucky to get $6 an hour in the small Ohio town to which I'm headed.

Um... Yeah, that's about it.

I really feel like crying.
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